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Free chat rooms for boys. Ages 13+.
Free chat rooms for college und university students. Ages 16+.
Free chat rooms for those looking for a date. Ages 17+.
Chat about whatever is on your mind. Ages 13+.
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Free chat rooms for girls only. No boys allowed :) Ages 13+.
Free chat rooms for kids, youths, and young teens. Ages 13 -16.
 Admin,Krass,Sunny Eclipse
Free chat room for lesbians. Ages 16+.
Chat with users from all over the world. Audio and video enabled. Ages 13+.
 Admin,sarahlynn,! Thunderstruck
Chat about all things related to music. Enjoy the free music player inside. Ages 13+.
Free chat room to discuss all things related to sports. Ages 13+.
Chat with people from all over the world with live webcam and audio. Ages 13+.
 Admin,Coyo,! RockStar !
Chat about everything related to video games. Ages 13+.